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The Redmond based software giant on a recent press meet held at New York City unleashed their latest Surface tablet, Surface Pro 3 to the market. The company claims that the new tablet is the result of endless research from the last three years for creating a tablet that is capable of replacing a laptop. Microsoft Surface support team has made it clear in the press meet that the new device has many new features embedded with it. The new devices will be hitting the market with a 12-inch display that has an aspect ratio of 3:2 along with a thinner design, an improved stylus, and a kickstand that allows the users to use the device effortlessly.

Already excited with the new device? Well you can preorder the Surface Pro 3 tablet from Windows store for $799 a piece. According to the latest news we hear from our sources in Microsoft, the new device will be available in the market from June 20th in US and Canada. However, from August, additional models of the device might come to the market and the device will be available in other major countries too.

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According to the news we get from Microsoft Surface support site, the new Surface Pen stylus that comes with the tablet is associated with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, so that you would be able to work with it easily. Panos Panay of Microsoft was gracious enough to demonstrate the working of the tablet with the stylus in the press meet so that all gathered there would be able to understand the working. The stylus along with the ultra thin optical stack of the tablet makes it feel like ink is flowing from the tip of the stylus.

In its effort to make the world believe that this device can replace laptops, Microsoft collaborated with Adobe and highlighted the working of a new Photoshop version for the tablet that was optimized for the device. The company showed that one could easily work with the software on the tablet by using stylus. The entry version of the device that is priced at $799 comes with an i3 processor, 64 GB of memory and a 4 GB RAM.

The tablet also has an i5 processor version that is priced in the range of $999 to $1299 and high-end versions that sport an i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM for superfast calculations for $1599 and $1949.

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How To Start A Computer Repair Service

Computer Service And Repair

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Thorough knowledge about the service you wish to provide is the primary thing that you need before starting a computer service and repair business. Moreover, you also need to acquire some skills in customer service to achieve success in this field. Therefore, smart marketing, a little tolerance for the errors among the workers and the eagerness to increase your existing knowledge are the things that are required in the computer repair service. Well, given below are few instructions that will help you to start a computer repair service company.


  • For common computer repairs, you can hire and train employees. Since there are continuous advancements in the computer technology, it is necessary to provide continuous education. By entirely focusing on one area of the computer repair service, you can form a specialty service. This will help you to streamline the computer repair operations. This will also help you and your employees.
  • Make sure that your first priority in computer repair is customer satisfaction. Most of the customers who are opting for computer repair services are complaining about the condescending attitude of the technicians towards the customers when they try to explain their computer issues. Therefore, this attitude should change. If they feel that you are more helpful while they address their issues, then there is more chance of getting repeated business.
  • When marketing your computer service business, target the right category of the customers. Consider marketing only residential customers if you have a small-scale computer repair business. This will help you to efficiently handle your computer repair business and will attract new customers.

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  • For your business to become effective, you need to have an efficient set of employees and need to respect your workplace. Do not start a computer repair business that is messy and cluttered. Always keep your workplace clean and organized. To maintain a strict organization and tidiness policy, you need to discard old parts and products. This will help you to maintain a prospective business. In addition, it will be more effective if you have a storeroom.
  • Explain your stand on the different kinds of issues to the customers properly. This will avoid any confusion, if the service was not successful and during the time of payment for the services offered. This is because, during a computer repair, many issues can happen unexpectedly, which will have adverse effects for your company. Therefore, explaining your policies on errors will help to create a good impression among the clients.

Keep these things in mind before starting a computer service and repair business. Follow these tips promptly and you are sure to achieve success and monetary benefits in your computer service and repair business.

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Solving Startup Issues In A HP ZE4430 Laptop

how to fix hp laptop

fixing HP laptops

HP or Hewlett Packard is popular for the production of laptops and computers. In the year 2003, they introduced the HP Pavilion ze4430us notebook, which has a 40GB hard disk space, 1.80 GHz Athlon XP-M 2400+ and embedded with Windows XP Home edition OS. If your ze4430us notebooks are not starting up, then there is no need to panic, as there are simple instructions available to fix them. For more, read the full article.


  • If your HP ze4430 model notebook is not starting, then connect the AC adaptor. This is the first thing that you need to do, if the laptop doesn’t start.
  • Behind your notebook, you will a Reset button. Now, you need to press the tip of a paper clip to the button called Reset. Next, to turn on your notebook, you need to press the Power button seen at the top left area of the keyboard.
  • Even after unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet and then unplugging it from the AC adapter, if your HP computer doesn’t start, then you need to remove the AC adapter. Now, towards the side of the laptop, you will find your AC adapter jack for your HP notebook. Plug the AC adapter in to the adapter jack of the notebook. After that, you can connect the power cord cable to the AC adapter. After completing this, you can connect the power cable cord to the wall. Then, underneath your HP notebook, you will find a Reset button, press it to reset it.
  • By turning your HP laptop upside down and by sliding the battery latch, you need to remove the battery from your HP laptop. This is done to make sure that the battery is inserted properly if your HP laptop is not turning on from the power of the battery. When the latch opens, you will be able to remove the battery. After removing, look at the charge level by pressing the pad on the battery side. After checking it, you can reinsert the battery in to the battery compartment and until it latches, slide it in.

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    ways to fix HP laptops

  • If you have another battery, then take off the old battery and insert a new one.
  • By leaving the AC adapter plugged in, you need to fully charge the battery. For this, you need to plug-in the AC adapter and then you need to press the Power button. This is done if your HP notebook is not starting by using the power of the battery.

These instructions will help you to fix HP ze4430 Laptop not starting issues. For more news and updates regarding how to fix Hp laptop, contact our customer support desk. Our customer support desk will be able to help you in clearing all your doubts on how to fix Hp laptop issues.

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How To Replace The Faulty Hinge Of An HP Laptop?

How To Fix HP Laptop

     Fix HP Laptop Problems

Laptops are portable and therefore preferred to desktops. They come with built-in battery so you can work them even when there is no power source or on the move. Nevertheless, laptops are subject to damages more easily than desktops. Extra care needs to be given when you use them.

Today, you can find laptops from many brands such as HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo and the likes. HP, with its strong body and powerful features, is among the top laptop brands. Like any other laptops, HP laptops are also subject to wear and tear over the years. A frequent issue found with HP laptops, after years of continuous use, is loose hinges. In a laptop, a hinge is the part that connects the monitor with the keyboard. Owing to frequent opening and closing, it can become loose causing the monitor not to stay open. The following steps on how to fix HP laptop explain how you can replace the hinge of your HP laptop on your own.


  • Shut down your laptop if it is running and turn it over to keep it facing up. Unscrew the screws in the base and then the screws that fix the hinges to the back of your laptop.
  • Use the flat head screwdriver to meddle the keyboard end bezel. Use your fingers now to remove both hinges. Slowly lift the keyboard now. Make sure that the keyboard cable is disconnected from the motherboard before you take it apart.

    Replace The Hinge

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  • Remove the screws with the video cable. Make sure you do this by pulling the yellow belt on the motherboard.
  • Now, remove the screws on the bezel of the monitor. You can detach the rubber screw seals with the help of a flat head screwdriver. Locate the screws that fix the monitor against the display hinge and remove them.
  • You have unscrewed all the screws to remove the old hinges. Now gently slide the hinges in order to remove them. Lay the new hinges in the exact place where the old hinges were placed. Put the screws back and fasten them. Now, attach all back in place in the same order as you removed them.

You have successfully replaced the loose hinges on your HP laptop with new hinges. If you are new to laptops, replacing the hinges alone is not recommended. You should seek assistance from experts instead. If you have any queries regarding the same, visit ‘How to fix HP laptop’ section in the HP support page.

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Fixing The Windows 7 Start Up Problems

Windows 7 Troubleshooting

About Windows 7 Problems

Windows operating systems are known to develop all kinds of problems during their use. One of the commonly reported Windows 7 problems is the start up error. Normally, when there is an error, the OS will take a slightly longer time to boot up and display a Windows Error Recovery message. You can then follow the link provided in that message to access the Windows 7 troubleshooting tools, for fixing the problem.

Repairing the Windows 7 start up problems

But, sometimes, you will not receive such a Windows Error Recovery message. In such cases, you need to access the Windows 7 troubleshooting tool manually, and fix these start-up problems. To access these options, you need to press down the F8 key during the start up to display the Advanced Boot Options menu on the screen.

Among the displayed list of options, you need to select Repair Your Computer and press Enter. This will then take you to the System Recovery Options menu. You need to select the Startup Repair option from this list. This will launch the Windows 7 Startup Repair tool, and it will now start scanning your system looking for errors.

The Startup Repair tool will fix any errors that detects in your Windows 7 OS affecting the start up process. This will take a few minutes. In some cases, the tool will ask you to restore the system back to any one of the System Restore points to fix the issue. You can either choose a restore point or skip this step, allowing the Startup Repair tool to repair the errors.

Microsoft Fix It

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If you are choosing the System Restore option, then the OS will now be restored to an earlier time stamp and you will be asked to restart the system. This will fix the problem in most of the cases. If the Startup Repair tool fails to repair the problem correctly, it will display an error message indicating this, and provide you some online Windows tech support links for getting a solution.

When you click on this option, the Windows Repair tool will connect with the Windows tech support server online and will send an error report. This will take a few minutes. You will now be provided some Windows tech support website links, where you can download the solution.

When you run this Microsoft Fix It solution in your system, it will repair the Windows 7 start up error.

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