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Surface is a series of tablet computers developed by Microsoft that run on the Windows 8 platform. Surface was developed in an effort to integrate Windows on its own hardware and it is one of the personal computers that is being created and marketed by Microsoft itself. If you have purchased a Surface RT tablet, here is how you set it up. Follow these Surface Tablet tech support guidelines for the same.

  • Turn On the Surface Tablet to begin with.
  • Select the Language that you prefer. Tap on the Next option.
  • Tap on the check box that says I Accept The License Terms For Using Windows. Now tap on the Accept option.
  • In this step, you need to give a name for the PC in the space allotted in the PC Name Box, as well as choose a color scheme. You need to provide a unique name in order to avoid confusions while connecting to the internet. Tap on the Next option.
  • In the next step, you will be prompted to connect to a wireless network. Hence, you can complete the setup to connect to the internet in this step. If you are trying to setup an internet connection with the wireless network available at the campus, then you will not be able to complete the setup, since all of them would be on an open network. In this case, you can select Connect Later and go ahead with the further setup steps. If you are connecting it from another location, then you will be able to connect to the internet.

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  • In the next option, you would be asked to choose your settings, choose the Express Settings.
  • When you are connected to the internet and have an access as well, you can enter the Email Address that is associated with the Microsoft Account and then tap on Next or Sign Up. However, if you do not have internet access then you will not be able to sign up; you can choose to do this later. Sign in with a Local Account and complete the rest of the settings. When you are done with the setup, tap on the Next option. Now, tap on the Finish option.
  • With this, you have successfully completed the setup for the surface RT tablet.

In case you get stuck at any point of time, you can choose to seek help from the Surface Tablet tech support centre and complete the process.

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Setting Brush To Pen Pressure In Illustrator

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Most of the artists and illustrators prefer using tablets while creating designs and artwork, as tablets allow them to apply pressure to the brush tool. This will help in creating much better and realistic artworks. Microsoft’s own Surface tablet is one of the popular tools that illustrators use for creating designs and artworks. In programs like Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to use the stylus as a brush. Here we describe simple instructions for changing brush pressure settings.


  • Look for the brush tool that you wish to select from the list of available brushes in the Illustrator tools section by scrolling down through the list and selecting it when found.
  • At the bottom of the Brush tool pane that is displayed on the screen, click on the option named as New Brush. The icon will look like a folded sheet of paper, so that you may find it easily.
  • A new window will now pop open on the screen, select the option labeled as New Calligraphic Brush from the list displayed and click on the OK button. Now you have created a new brush, name the brush with a name that you would remember like Pressure Sensitive Brush or something similar.
  • Look for the option named as Diameter in the window and click on the drop down menu found next to it for viewing the drop down options. From the set of options displayed, click on the option labeled as Pressure.
  • Changing Brush Pressure

             Surface Tablet Settings

    Make sure that you have changed the values found in the fields named as Diameter and Variation. By changing the value in the Variation field, you will be able to change and set the brush pressure settings. Changing the values in the fields for Surface tablet help settings will allow you to make changes to the system settings so that you will be able to set the required amount of brush pressure.

  • You can get the desired pressure for the brush by changing the values in the Surface tablet help settings window. Once you have the desired pressure set, save the settings and return back to the Start screen.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to make changes to the brush pressure in the Surface tablet. However if you are not able to set the correct settings for brush pressure, feel free to contact the Surface help and support team.

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Useful Tips To Boost Computer Speed

Computer Slow

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Is your computer slow? Especially while playing games? Then stop worrying. There are some useful tips to enhance computer speed. Performance Information Tools and ReadyBoost are two special features that enable to boost the speed of the system. The tasks located on the left pane of the Performance Information and Tools window can increase system speed considerably.

Steps to open Performance information and tools

  • Click the Start button, then Control panel and type Performance Information Tools.
  • Adjust visual effects by optimizing the display. This can be adjusted as the way Menu and Windows appear on the computer.
  • Next, change indexing options. You can quickly locate items on the computer with Indexing options. It is better to use Frequently asked questions for improving Windows searches.
  • Change Power settings and this will enable the computer in resuming to the settings of power savings more effectively.
  • Adjust the usage of battery for portable systems.
  • Click on Disk Clean Up option to delete temporary files.
  • Make use of Advanced Tools like Disk defragmenter and Event viewer

Enhance system speed with ReadyBoost

  • Plug in a flash memory card into computer.
  • Click on Speed up my system that you can locate inside the dialog box for Auto play under the General options.
  • Click on the ReadyBoost tab that you can find inside the Properties dialog box and click OK

Is your computer slow still? Then some additional steps that you can try to boost computer speed.

Other options to increase speed

  • Make sure that the system drivers for the display adapter are properly installed.
  • It is highly recommended to use effective antivirus software. At the same time, never run the software when you are playing a computer game.

    Memory Card

            Tips To Enhance Computer Speed

  • Check if the system resolution is compatible with the resolution of the game.
  • Make sure the virtual settings of your computer are proper.
  • Check if there is adequate space on the computer’s system disk.
  • Delete all unwanted shortcuts from the desktop of your computer.
  • It is highly recommended to delete wallpapers with larger resolutions. Downloading wallpapers can hamper overall system speed.
  • Check if other media files like movies or music are running in the background. This can also make your computer to be slow while you are playing games.

You can make sure that your computer is having optimal speed with the help of the above-mentioned tips.

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Five Tips To Fix A Slow Computer

Fix Slow Computer

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Slow computers are the most annoying things even when you have implemented all the latest hardware and devices to support the speed of the computer. There are certain things that you cannot escape from that makes the PC very slow or dead sometimes. You need not panic about it, as there is a way to bring in a solution to this issue without having to call a technician for the same. Here are some of the do it yourself steps to fix slow computer issues.

Out of the many solutions for computers running slow, here are five of them, which you can implement.

Check if the system is overheated

An overheated system is one of the major reasons that make a system work slow. In such cases, turn off the system for a while and resume to work later. Later when you find time, clean up the dust accumulated inside the CPU, because they are also one of the reasons for overheating of the system. Make sure that the computer is in a room, which has necessary ventilation. The computer needs air circulation to curb overheating.

Check if there is enough hard disk space available

When there is lesser amount of free space available in the hard disk, it would make your PC run slow. To check about the available space in different drives, go to the My Computer and check the different drives. If there is no free space, take back up or delete some of the files accordingly.

Antivirus programs

Make sure to run a scan with the antivirus programs on a regular basis. This would clean up the PC from major spywares, malwares and viruses, which slow down the performance of the PC. It is imperative to prevent the computer system from virus attacks, not only to increase the performance but also to avoid data loss.


Defragmentation Increases Computer Speed

Clean up the temporary files

While browsing the internet, there are temporary files that are saved in the computer. They are located in the Temp folder in the C: drive. An easy way to arrive at these folders is by using the Run dialogue box. Click on the Start menu, click on Run. In the space provided, type in “temp”. A window opens up, select all the files and delete them.


This would arrange all the files in place, making it very easy to manage the files, which helps in freeing up some space.

The above five solutions would be enough to fix slow computer issues in a computer. For any further assistance, contact our tech support desk.

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Using The Remote Access Feature In Your XP System

Windows XP Professional

        About Windows Remote Access

If you are using Windows XP Professional, you will have the Remote Access utility already enabled in your computer. The Windows XP Home users will not see this option in their systems though, and will have to make some changes in the OS registry to make this option available.

Remote Access, as the name suggests, allows you to access your system remotely over a network. This option is very useful when you have to deal with an issue in the computer system and do not know how to fix it. You can use this method to let a friend or a tech support professional access your system, and make the necessary changes to fix the problem.

To start Remote Access in Windows XP Professional

Here is how you can access this option in Windows XP. Go to the My Computer icon on the Start Menu and right-click on it. From the context menu that appears, select Properties. On the System Properties wizard that appears, click on the Remote tab to see the Remote Access option.

There, put a checkmark against Allow users to connect remotely to this computer, and click Ok to save the settings. This will instantly enable the Remote Access feature in your OS.

If you are already connected to a network and have Remote Access invitations pending, click on the Select Remote Users button located on the same System Properties tab. This will open a separate window, where you will see a list of all the Remote Access users.

Windows Firewall

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These users will be already connected to your network. Select any one of them and click on the Add button to start the Remote Access session for that particular user. Alternatively, you can also start the Remote Access session by accepting the invitation sent by other users.

Normally, when you enable the Remote Access option in Windows XP, this application will be automatically excluded from the blocked applications list in your Windows Firewall settings. However, if you face any problems with starting the Remote Access session, you have to go to the Firewall settings and make sure that the security program allows Remote Access. To do so, go the Exceptions setting in Firewall and put a checkmark for the option Remote Desktop.

The above steps will help you set up a Remote Access connection in your Windows XP Professional computer. If you have any doubts, contact our tech support personnel for assistance.

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