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Email Support

Supported Email Features

According to the Microsoft security report, more than 90% of all email messages accounts to spam. This is not a big deal or a concern for worry if you are having proper email support to tackle the issue. There are issues that need help and the help can only be provided using expert support. This is why we can say that effective email support can resolve unwanted issues. The facets given below will provide you with a more detailed picture regarding the subject.

Supported email features

There are numerous ways for accessing your email accounts. Email accounts can be accessed by using the Outlook Web App or the downloaded version of the Microsoft Office Outlook. Another method is to use Microsoft Entourage. All these programs provide us with trouble free email access and other collaborative features. Apart from that, you can also make use of Outlook voice access and other mobile enabled email programs to be connected to your email account. For expert email support, you can use both your Mobile Phone Setup Wizard and E-mail Setup Help Wizard.

Outlook Web App

Several Web browsers are there that help you to access your email account. You can successfully edit and view your email messages, contacts and tasks. The Outlook Web App will help you to read all the text messages and listen to the voice messages. Few additional things can also be done with the Outlook Web App such as the following.

  • Spell check for emails
  • Grouping of email messages in numerous ways
  • Get reminders for upcoming events

    Microsoft Office

            Email Messages

An effective email support feature will show you how to activate the alarm sound or set up the alert when you receive messages. There can be times when you might face issues with the support features. There is nothing to worry. You can rectify such issues with the help of expert technicians. You can rest assured that support is always there when your email client crashes or other crucial errors occur. There are special features that help you to delete unwanted mails coming to your inbox. You do not have to delete all the junk mail manually. This feature helps you to save a great deal of time.

Nowadays, many companies provide exceptional remote tech support for emails and other related features. The 24/7 services will assure you that you will be able to enjoy effective and trouble free email communications.

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Fixing Slow Computers

Fix slow computer

How To Fix Slow Computer

After a few years of service, when computers inundate with files, they might tend to slow down. Slow computer is a result of a number of factors like limited hard disk space, fragmented files, spyware, overheating and so on. A few tweaks can help you fix slow computer effectively.

How to fix your slow computer?

  • Restart the computer. Make sure that you are not using it for a long period in one stretch. Running your computer for a long time takes a toll on its performance.
  • Ensure that the antivirus program is updated. You need to run a virus scan periodically. Slow speed and performance is mostly attributed to virus and malware infections. You need to remove the viruses detected, by following the instructions from the antivirus program installed in your computer.
  • Make sure that the operating system installed is updated. To ensure this, hover your mouse to the bottom left hand side corner of the screen and choose Start. Enter by typing, Update in the search field. Choose Windows update from the results displayed. Select Check for updates seen on the left hand side. Choose Install updates. Installing software updates will help your computer perform much better.
  • You need to get rid of your browsing history. When you browse the Internet, a number of temporary files are accumulated in the hard disk drive of your computer. This occupies enormous space and affects the performance. Browsing history can be deleted by choosing the Tools menu and then deleting the recent history.
  • Additionally, you need to check if the slow performance is due to newly installed software. The problem could also arise when you install new hardware like printers and so on. It is better to check if there is any compatibility issue. Verify if the computer runs faster after removing the newly installed software/hardware.
  • Make sure that you remove the unused programs and files. Open Windows explorer by pressing and holding the Windows key with E on the keyboard. Scroll through the files stored on your computer and remove those files that are not needed. However, ensure that you have the copies of files and programs you wish to delete.

    Fragmented files

    Fixing Slow Performance In Computer

  • Use Disk Defragmenter service to clean the hard drive. Fragmented files can consume space in the hard drive, leading to slow performance. Disk Defragmenter facility allows repairs in fragmentation. Access All programs from the Start menu and then Accessories, then System tools, and finally choose Disk Defragmenter.

The above tweaks can help repair slowing down issues effectively. If none of the above mentioned methods works, you can get the help of a service technician to fix slow computer issues.

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Tips For Speeding Up A Windows Vista PC

Microsoft Vista support

Windows Vista OS

If you do a fast comparison about the performance requirements of Windows Vista and Windows XP, you can easily see that the former has higher requirements than the latter. The vast requirements make Windows Vista dead slow on certain occasions and Vista users will feel like abandoning their OS at times. You may follow the below mentioned Microsoft Vista support tips for speeding up Windows Vista OS so that the boot time is vastly reduced.

Disable unwanted Startup programs

To execute this action, access the Start button and from the Start menu, choose Control Panel. When the Control Panel window is visible, choose Windows defender. Select Tools, choose Software Explorer. Below category, select Startup programs. By performing a left click, selection of the programs can be done. Now choose the Remove option. Only remove the unwanted programs and do not hastily remove all the programs, as some are required for carrying out the different operations of the computer.

Uninstall programs that you never use.

Choose the Start button and the Start menu will pop up on screen. From the menu, choose Control Panel. Select Programs And Features from the Control Panel window. For carrying out the un-installation, Double Click on the programs.

Defragment to speed up the computer

To perform a defragmentation, choose the Start button and from the menu, choose Computer. When the My Computer window is available, Right Click on the hard drive and a menu will appear. Choose Properties and select the tab by the name Tools. Choose Defragment Now and select the Defragment Now option. The defragmentation process may consume a large amount of time and the time may vary according to the content of data present in the drive.

Change the performance options

performance requirements

performance requirements with Vista

To do so, select the Start button and Right Click on the Computer option and a menu will be available. Choose Properties from the menu and select Advanced System Properties. Below Performance, choose Settings and check mark the check box beside Adjust For Best Performance. Choose the Apply button and select OK.

By following the above-mentioned Microsoft Vista support guidelines, you can easily get freedom from working on a sluggish Windows Vista operating system. You will be truly amazed to see how well the system performs after you follow the Microsoft Vista support tips.

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What Needs To Be Done For A Flawless PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Help

PowerPoint Help For Successful Presentation

A distinct and vivid presentation has many advantages. No matter what subject you deal with, you can make it lively by encouraging the participation of the audience as well. PowerPoint presentation helps you a lot in this regard. However, you need to verify a number of aspects before you implement your presentation. You could get the aid of PowerPoint help utility on the factors to be considered for a successful presentation.

It is better if you follow simple, but precise rules so that the information discussed can be made memorable for a long time. In PowerPoint presentation, the role of the speaker gives way for the slides and using the right methods to convey messages forms the basis of any good presentation. These steps from the PowerPoint help service let you organize your presentation in the most desirable way.

Text and font requirements

Make sure that you rely on a font that is readable and legible on the presentation screen. You can choose Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri. The font size should be selected in such a way that it is readable by the audience. When the audience could view snippets of the information, they will obviously be able to grab the concept better.

Deciding on Graphics and animations

PowerPoint presentation accommodates graphs, images and pie charts. However, you cannot flood your presentation slide with graphics as it can make the audience confused. You can use either photos or drawn images. Nevertheless, you should not mix both the styles, as it looks awful during presentation. Include those graphics that relates to the subject and make sure that you avoid noise effects unless it forms an integral part of the presentation.

How do you choose color?

Successful Presentation

Facts On PowerPoint Presentation

The color you choose can enhance the visual appeal and hence be modest in using colors. Do not be obstinate in using all those colors in the spectrum, as it may prove messy and untidy. If you need to emphasize on a particular aspect, use a specific color and go on with the same. It is important that you choose a desired background color, and if border colors are used, make sure that it is uniform throughout the slides.

Ensure that you give importance to the introduction slides by choosing the bold font. Take care that it is at least 10 points above those used in the slide body. Before you start your presentation, make sure that you check the spelling and grammar to make the presentation complete and flawless. Rely on the PowerPoint help services to get your presentation done successfully.

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Troubleshooting Tips For A Slow Computer

Slow Computer

         Disk Space Of Your iMac Computer

The iMac range of computers is certainly one among the best in terms of functionality, speed and overall features. This is one reason why many people prefer to work on an iMac computer. Be it for office work or for personal use, iMac computers provide the users with a lot of features and specifications with which they can enjoy their work. At the same time, nobody will prefer to work on a slow computer. A slow system can literally make the user to slog through his routine tasks. At times, iMac computers can also become slow. With the below mentioned troubleshooting instructions, the problem can be resolved at the earliest.


  • You can get started with the steps by restarting your computer. As per Apple computers, a computer that has been functioning for a considerably long time can function slowly than a system that has been just restarted.
  • Move all the irrelevant files to another hard disk or some removable media in order to free up the disk space of your iMac computer. It is because if there is insufficient disk space, your computer will run slowly.
  • Stop all applications that you are not using. Running unwanted applications that you are not using can make other applications also to function slowly.
  • Now, select the icon of a particular application that you find is running slow. Click and open the File menu and highlight the option Get Info. Look for a search box that is marked as Open using Rosetta under the option General. Uncheck the box for speeding up the application.
  • Click to open the Apple menu and click on About this Mac. Check to view if the processor is listed in the Window. Select More Info and click on Graphics/Displays. Find out what type of graphics card is listed at the top side of the Window.

    Troubleshooting Instructions

             Speed Of Computer Processor

  • Now, evaluate this information with documentation that is included inside your software applications. You will be able to find that the applications that are not compatible with your system processor and graphics card can slow down your computer
  • Proceed by opening the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Select the Energy Saver icon, click on the Options tab, and adjust the Processor Performance as Highest. You will see that this setting enhances the speed of the computer processor, but utilizes more energy.

With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily resolve the problems of your slow computer Hereafter you will be able to perform your system tasks faster.

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