Surface Pro 2 Has Overheating Issues

Microsoft Surface Problems

               Microsoft Surface

The Surface Pro 2 was released recently by Microsoft. Already, some Microsoft Surface problems have emerged. The latest among the Microsoft Surface problems is that the flagship tablet is found to be suffering from overheating issues. This issue is said to affect both the Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. There are many complaints about the overheating issues in the Surface Pro 2 tablet. Many of the users complaint that the screen of Surface Pro 2 tablet dims beyond a usable level, as the device becomes increasingly hot.

Microsoft has acknowledged these issues and stated that they are currently working on a fix to get rid of the screen dimming issues. In the mean time, the manufacturers of these tablets have suggested that those users who are affected by the overheating issues simply allow their Windows 8.1 powered tablets to cool down. An official Microsoft spokesperson said, “Surface devices may dim the screen as thermal temperatures rise from extended, high CPU intensive activities – like gaming.”

“We’re working on a tuning update that will remove this unnecessary dimming event. You can expect this update in an upcoming Windows Update package. In the meantime allow the Surface to cool down for a minute or so in order to return the screen to previous brightness levels,” Microsoft added.

Increasingly Hot

                 Microsoft Surface 2

Many of the frustrated Microsoft Surface 2 and Pro 2 owners have reported overheating issues while multitasking or playing games, resulting in the display dim such that the tablet becomes unusable. Upon contacting Microsoft, one of their spokesperson explained that that the company is aware of the issue and that they are working on a fix that will be released with the upcoming Windows Update.

The users can allow the tablet to cool down and the brightness of the tablet will come back to normal. If you are one of the unlucky owners of an overheating Surface Pro 2 tablet, you will have to keep an eye on the temperature levels of the device, until a fix is released by Microsoft.

Despite Surface Pro 2 having only hit the retailers in late October, this is far from the first issue that the device has encountered. There were many complaints about this tablet and Microsoft has been fixing these issues. Let us hope that the Microsoft engineers will come up with a fix for the overheating issue to restore the smile on the faces of the Surface Pro 2 users.

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Recovering Deleted Emails In Gmail Account

Recover Deleted Emails In Gmail

      Recovering Deleted Emails

In some cases, you might just accidentally delete emails from your Gmail inbox. There are several such cases, in which, people delete emails without knowing that they are important and later realize that they have done a blunder. Thanks to a feature that Gmail has, the deleted emails does not get deleted totally from the inbox. But, they stay there up to thirty days and then, they vanish completely from the inbox. It is possible to recover deleted emails in Gmail within this thirty days from the date of deletion.

Here are some of the simple steps, by which you will be able to retrieve the deleted emails from the trash box.

  • Open the browser that you usually use.
  • Open the website and login with the Email Id and the Password to your Gmail account.
  • When the inbox open, find the tab that says Trash. You will find this below the different tabs like Inbox, starred, important and many more that are present to the left of the screen.
  • Click on the same to open the tab containing all the deleted emails. To select the email messages that you want to recover, click on the check box lying next to each of the email message.

    Gmail Inbox

             Gmail Email Management

  • Now to restore the emails moved to trash, you need to select the option that says Move To Inbox. In most of the cases, if you have created folders other than inbox, you will find an option to move this email to other folders that you have created.
  • Make sure you are selecting the right email and complete the process of moving these email messages to other folders. Go to the location, where you moved the email message and cross check if the email that you moved is present there or not.
  • For instance, if you have moved the email to the folder Starred, click on the Starred folder to check it.

This might not be possible, if the deleted email has been in the trash for over a month. The email message has been deleted from Gmail inbox automatically, leaving you with no options, where it would possible to recover deleted emails in Gmail.

The procedure to restore emails in other email service providers might be different according to the policies they follow. In some cases, it might be that it is not possible to retrieve an email message once it is deleted.

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Get HP 2400 Printer Installed

HP Printer Support

        Avail HP Printer Support

HP printers are prominent among printers used worldwide as they offer high quality print results. HP has already introduced a wide range of printers like LaserJet printers, Inkjet printers and other printers in different models. However, problems can be expected at times while trying to install HP printers and normally people end up calling HP printer support for assistance.

If you maintain a little patience and follow a few easy steps, troubleshooting a printer is not a difficult task at all. Problems generally come up while installing an HP printer on a new computer than installing it on the older ones. If you wish to install HP LaserJet 2400 printer on your computer, you can follow two ways. The initial way is to use the disc you received with the HP 2400 printer. The second way is to have an internet connection to perform the few troubleshooting steps.


  • You can make use of a USB printer cable to connect to the printer. You can plug in the printer. But ensure not to turn the printer on.
  • After turning on the computer, you can insert the disc that you received with the printer into the disc drive. Normally, the installation wizard will open up automatically. If not, you can open My Computer, right click the disk drive, and click Run. When you find the setup file, you can run it and this will start the installation of the printer.

    HP Laserjet 2400 Printer

               Reliable HP Printer Support

  • If you do not have the disc handy, you can search online by typing the phrase “HP 2400 printer installation”. It is also possible to open the HP website support page and look for other options to install your printer. The instructions and techniques of installation will be different for different models and this ought to be considered during installation.
  • You can try to download the driver to your system. After the completion of the installation, the installation download will let you know that the installation is complete. Now you can turn on your HP 2400 LaserJet Printer and take a test print. This will help you to ensure whether the printer is installed successfully or not.

If you come across any difficulty during the printer installation, you can contact the HP printer support for more assistance. They can offer you the best solution.

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Steps To Initiate Chat In Windows 8 OS

Windows 8 Chat Support

           Features Of Windows 8

After the release of Windows 8, many users have upgraded their computers from Windows XP and Windows 7 to this futuristic operating system. According to Windows 8 chat support, the operating system comes with numerous features and one of them is the introduction of Start screen that is loaded with apps. These apps are designed to carry out various functions. You can use this operating system just like the way you use your Smartphone.

According to Windows 8 chat support, numerous apps come preinstalled with the operating system. You can add more apps by visiting the Windows Store and downloading your favorite ones from different categories. Now, one of the apps, which are widely used by Windows 8 customers, is the message app.

Windows messaging app is a great tool to work with. This app has cross platform support. With this, even if your online friend messages you from a different app, you will be able to receive it on your Windows device. You can also reply to these messages just like both of you were using the same application. If you are new to Windows 8 and has not acquainted yourself with the operating system yet, we will find out how to use this messaging app.

Steps involved

  • Turn on the computer and go to the Start screen of the operating system.
  • Select the Messaging tile found in the screen.
  • Choose the option ‘New Message’. With this, you can find out which of your friends are online even if they are using a different app. If some of your friends are not found in the list, it means that he/she is either not present in the list of People app or not online now.

    Windows 7

                   Windows 8 Upgrade

  • Select the name of the person with whom you would like to communicate. This will open the messaging window. Once this window comes up, you can start typing in it. The other person will receive the notice no matter which device or system he uses for the messaging purposes.
  • Once you finish typing, hit the Enter button and this will send the message to the other person. The message would automatically pop up in the messaging program used by the other person.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to initiate chat in Windows 8. Keep in mind that the message would still be saved in the device and you may continue the conversation from where you left it. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact Windows 8 chat support or our technical support team.

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Procedure For Using MSN For Video Chat

Microsoft Live Chat

              Microsoft Live Chat Info

Communication and the technologies to enhance it have evolved drastically over the years. These days, while choosing the mode and methods of communication, people look for convenience, ease of communication, and how quickly it can be done.

With the advent of high-speed internet service, it is becoming increasingly common for people to interact and communicate with their family, friends, colleagues and other contacts via instant messaging. Now, if you are not aware what instant messaging is, it is actually a real-time, text-based communication between two online users. MSN Messenger is a Microsoft live chat client developed by the tech giant for that purpose.

Using MSN Messenger

This Microsoft live chat application also allows users to participate in video chatting, apart from normal text messaging. This way, users can start a video conference for their business needs. But, when it comes to video chatting, both parties are required to have a webcam facility in their computers.

The following instructions will guide you how to use this Microsoft live chat client for starting a video chat session.

  • Configure your webcam with your system, if it does not have a built-in one. There and many quality external webcam brands available in the market today, so buy a good one from the lot. You will receive the required software along with the device, which you will have to install for using the webcam.
  • When done, launch MSN Messenger application. Use your Microsoft id and password to sign in. Thereafter, click on Actions button and then pointing to Audio/Video, select the Start a video conversation option.
  • Subsequently, navigate to your contact list; highlight the username of the contact with whom you want to chat, and the click on the OK button. An invitation to begin video chat will then be sent to the contact immediately.

    Text-Based Communication

       Microsoft Live Chat Instructions

  • When the other person accepts your invitation, you will receive an confirmation message, and MSN Messenger will automatically enable your webcam to let the contact see you.
  • You can also text chat with the contact while on video call. Then, type the text or information you need to convey into the text field, and click on the Send button for the information to be sent. Click on the webcam icon to end the conversation.

This way, you can use the Microsoft live chat application for video chatting. If you have any queries regarding the other features in MSN Messenger application, contact our tech support team for assistance.

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