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One of the key criticisms Windows Vista faced after its release was its native inability to reboot in MS-DOS mode. Similarly, many users pointed out its incompatibility with most DOS programs, although not with all of them. Experts say that these Vista problems could have been the reason for its failure despite of many new features. Yet, contacting Windows Vista support is quite helpful at such a juncture.

Experts think that users must create an MS-DOS start-up floppy in order to reboot their computer in command prompt only. Nevertheless, rebooting in DOS mode for running DOS programs and using DOS commands is not necessary, as there are other effective alternatives. Follow the below instructions to know how or contact Windows Vista support for the same.

Instructions (Starting Windows Vista in MS-DOS mode using a Floppy Disk)

  • Get the floppy disk and insert it into the floppy drive of your computer.
  • Click on the Start button and then select My Computer option from the Start menu.
  • Locate the floppy drive icon in the Windows Explorer window and right click on it.
  • Choose Format option from the drop down menu. Windows will now erase all data from your floppy disk. Make sure that you backup the relevant data from the floppy disk before you choose to format it. You can copy the data to any of the locations to your hard drive. 

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  • Now, choose the option that says Create an MS-DOS Start-up Disk. Hit on the Start button to proceed.
  • Reboot your computer now. Make sure that you leave the floppy disk in the drive.
  • In case your machine fails to boot from the floppy, change the boot priority from the current one to floppy disk in BIOS setup.  For this, you have to open your BIOS setup. The function keys to start BIOS setup depend on your Windows versions. Refer your computer’s documentation to find the same.
  • After setting floppy disk as your booting priority, reboot your computer.
  • You should now be able to boot from the floppy in DOS mode.

BIOS setup is an integral part of your computer. Refrain from making any changes in the BIOS setup if you are unsure of them or contact Windows Vista support for any assistance. You can reboot your Windows Vista in MS-DOS mode with System Configuration Utility too.

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