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You might experience various technical issues while working on your laptop computer. It may be due to a software glitch or due to inconsistent power connection and so on. Effective troubleshooting methods along with proper laptop computer support can help resolve the issues at the earliest.

Before you call upon a computer support technician, you can try out some of the below mentioned trouble shooting measures to set it right.


  • Verify the power connections in your laptop. Make sure that you have plugged in the adapter properly. It may due to a dead battery as well.  Verify the socket. If the outlet is not working, you may face issues. Try plugging the laptop to another outlet to fix the issue.
  • Verify if there are any issues with the monitor. Use an external monitor by making the connections via a VGA cable. Now turn your laptop computer and the external monitor on to check if the monitor works. If it does, you can conclude that the motherboard is okay but you have problems in your laptop’s LCD display unit.
  • You need to change the LCD display. Remove the screws near the bezel around the LCD display. You can see the plastic shields around the screws. Remove the shields using a sharp tipped object. Once the plastic shield is removed, you can easily take the screws out.
  • Similarly, remove the screws in the metal bracket inside the LCD display. You can use a screwdriver to take the screws out.
  • Now, cut off the inverter cable from the connecter. When you remove the bezel, you can see the inverter cable. It is located at the bottom of the LCD display. Take out the old display and replace it with a new one after disconnecting the inverter cable.
  • Connect the inverter cable in place in your laptop computer. Now, put the screws in to its position. Also, attach the bezel and its screws. Replace the rubber screw covers. Finally, power on the laptop to see that there are no issues with the display.
  • You may also face laptop problems with the keyboard and the mouse. When the keyboard in your laptop goes unresponsive, you can access the online computer support provided by the manufacturer. Navigate to the Downloads and Drivers. You could get the new drivers for your keyboard. You can download and install the drivers on your laptop in an effort to fix the issue.

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    Computer Support Services For Fixing Errors

Rather than expending money by availing the services of a computer support technician, you can rely on these troubleshooting techniques to fix the various issues in your laptop computer.

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