How To Fix Slow Computer Download Problems

Computer slow

    Slow computer problem

The internet has changed the way we access information, communicate with the people we know, do shopping, and have fun. The speed of the internet has increased rapidly over the last ten years or so. There are several internet service providers offering high to medium to low speed internet connections. But even if you have opted for high medium speed internet connection, you might face problems with slow download speeds. In such instance, you can fix it easily by following the suggestions given below.

Instructions to Fix Computer Slow Downloads

In order to fix slow download problems in your computer, you need to follow the instructions as given below:

  • First make sure that your home computer is connected to the Internet connection with an Ethernet cable. You must not rely upon the wireless internet connection as they may result in service interruptions or disconnections. According to, an information technology website, if you want to get the fastest possible internet speed on your computer, you computer must be plugged into a network with an Ethernet cable.
  • The next step to be adopted is to delete all unwanted programs from your system, which may otherwise slow down the performance of your computer. If your computer is running multiple programs at a time using the internet, it brings down the speed of your download as it has to share the bandwidth and processor speed. Here you need to close all those programs which are not related to the download.
  • You must use an alternate download or “mirror”.  A download mirror is another website from which you can download the same file. You need to search the Internet for some alternate sites to do the same download. It is because the slow download problem in your system may be due to the problem with that particular website.

    Download mirror

         Computer slow issue

  • Next step is to remove all viruses and malware threats from your computer. Microsoft had pointed out that the existence of certain spyware and viruses can affect the Internet connection which may result in internet as well as computer slow down issues. For that you need to install and run some high quality antivirus programs and antispyware programs to eliminate these issues.
  • Another step to adopt is to contact your Internet Service Provider. If your computer is facing frequent slow downloads, there may be some issues with the underground wiring of network connection. In such instance, the internet service provider can do some relevant thing to increase the download speed of your computer.

These are the simple measures to adopt if you are in real need of solving the slow download issues with your computer. Try it out!

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