How To Connect A Surface Tablet Pc To An External Monitor

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A tablet PC can be conveniently handled in ones’ hand. Smaller than a laptop, it provides all computing facilities. Tablet PCs feature touch screen displays that facilitate you to write/type directly on its screen surface. Microsoft surface tablets are no exception. Designed by Microsoft, it uses state of the art technology to provide user satisfaction. However the small display isn’t appealing to every user. It is possible for you to connect the tablet to your desktop computer if you are bored of looking in to a rather small screen.  In order to facilitate a bigger display, you can connect your surface tablet to an external monitor. However, connecting your tablet to the PC monitor requires you to plug in the monitor with a VGA cable. The VGA cable will connect the tablet PC port to the projector.

How to connect the surface tablet PC to monitor?

Microsoft Surface tablet Tech support gives these set of instructions to begin the process of connecting your tablet PC to the desktop monitor.  Track the instructions to implement the same on your computer.


  • As the first step, you need to connect the external monitor into the VGA or DVI port of the tablet PC. Attach a specialized adapter and plug it to the monitor. You can look in to the user manual prior to the start o the process.
  •  right click on the Desktop icon on your tablet PC. Again choose the Properties option to launch the Display Properties dialog box.
  • Now, navigate to the Settings tab and choose on the rectangle displaying the number 2. Typically, this shows the second monitor or the external monitor.
  • Put a check mark adjacent to the box that displays the message, Use this device as the primary monitor.
  • Select the Apply option.  Now, you can find that the your external or the second monitor is ready to use.

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         Accessing Surface tablet tech support

In case you cannot see the display on the external monitor, you can adjust your screen resolution. Ensure that the monitor you connect is compatible with the tablet PC.

You can rely on Microsoft surface tablet tech support to successfully attach your tablet PC to the desk top monitor.  In addition to this, you could access the phone support or the chat help or the email utility. Microsoft offers 24×7 technical help support to resolve the issue faced by the customers. The technical help support professionals will address your issues and provides solutions as per your request.

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