How To Deal With HP Laptop Power Problems?

How to fix HP laptop

     Fix HP laptop power issues

Hewlett Packard is one of the best companies in the world that deals with the production and sales of computers and related peripherals. Hewlett Packard is better known as HP among the users across different parts of the world. HP is one of the top class manufacturers of desktop computers, laptops and printers. HP laptops are liked for its improved performance capabilities.  But as in the case of all laptops, HP laptops can also encounter power related issues. Most of the power related problems can be fixed by following the troubleshoot methods listed in the user manual.This article will let you know more about various power related problems associated with an HP laptop.

Reasons for the power issues

In the majority of cases, the power problems in HP laptops are caused due to the failure of the adapter, battery drainage or the hardware problems related to the laptop.

  • Failure of the adapter

The adapter can malfunction due to various reasons. It can be a manufacturing defect or problems can arise due to overvoltage scenarios. The adapters are designed to operate at a particular voltage and current. When the electrical parameters exceed this particular limit, it will result in the malfunctioning of the adapter. Shocks or sudden impacts can also affect the functionality of the adapter.

  • Batter drainage issues

Long hours of usage without the power supply will lead to battery drainage and the system may shut down due to the same.

  • Hardware related problems

Hardware related problems only occur in very rare circumstances and the problems can occur due to various reasons like loose connections, fan issues etc.

How to fix HP laptop power problems

  • Avoid the long press of the laptop power button. This may turn off your system as soon as you on it. Make use of the “Reset” button in order to check the power issues. Check the power cord cable of the adapter.

    ms Batter drainage issues

    How to deal with HP laptop power issues

  • Make sure the adapter is working properly or not. Replace a failed adapter once you encounter a problem with the same. Check the functioning of the adapter by plugging it into a different power outlet.
  • If the adapter is fine, then the problem will be associated with the hardware of the laptop. Consult a hardware technician for the same.
  • Don’t continue using your laptop with an already drained battery. Replace your battery with a new one when you end up with a drained battery in order to enjoy better back up.

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