How To Disable The Touchpad Of Sony VAIO Laptop?

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The laptop is one such technology that has helped us to complete our tasks even if we are not sitting at home or office. It has greatly helped businessmen and other travelling officials to get connected to their clients or employees. It helps to communicate and share the data or other resources just like you were working from an office itself.  Unlike personal computers, laptops are quite easy to carry and work along. The touchpad of a laptop helps us to avoid peripherals like mouse and make navigation quite simple and easy.

There are different brands that provide laptops and Sony is one such name that is quite common among laptops. Sony is the manufacturer of VAIO laptops. You get a large variety of VAIO laptops in the list. Sony VAIO laptops are quite unique when the models are concerned. You might have seen the ads with colorful laptops of VAIO. They provide a touchpad which act just like a mouse. They need to be maintained quite well. They help to navigate by using the finger on the touchpad. You can choose, drag and perform other functions using the touchpad. It functions just like a mouse. The only difference is that the touchpad is a soft space.

There are few people who do not like to use touchpad. If you prefer to connect a mouse to the laptop instead of using the touchpad, you can think about disabling the touchpad.  Let us check the various instructions included in disabling Sony Vaio Laptops.


  • On your laptop, click on the Start menu and select VAIO Support Central. Now click System Maintenance. This will launch VAIO Central Utility. Now the VAIO Support Central screen will open up.


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  • To access the system settings, select VAIO Central and select System Information tab. Next to Keyboard and Mouse you will find a + symbol which you can click to expand the folder. You will find a Built-in pointing devices icon which you can double click.
  • Now uncheck the Enable check box and select OK. Now select Yes which will disable the touchpad. You will find an X that will close the VAIO Central window. You can select the X on the top which will close the screen of the VAIO Support Central screen.

If you have any doubts, you can contact the Sony Laptop Support team. The Sony Laptop Support team will help you to fix the issues.

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