How To Fix A Slow System?

Computer slow

 Reasons for slow computer

Your system can become slow due to many reasons. Most of the problems are caused due to the negligence of the users. A slow system can waste the time and energy of the user. The majority of the slow computer problems can be fixed by cleaning the hard disk of your system. Getting rid of the malware programs can also enhance the speed of your system.  This article will let you know more about the reasons for a slow computer and the ways to fix the same.

Reasons for computer slow problems

Most of the problems are caused due to the attack of malware programs like virus, spyware and worms. These malware programs enter your system due to unsafe internet browsing. When it comes to malware attack the infection caused due to virus is the most threatening. Virus programs are capable of deleting your program files, once it gets into your system. The next comes the attack of the Trojans. Trojans after getting into your system corrupts the program files. A corrupted or deleted program file can really bring down the speed of your system. It may also affect the overall performance of your computer. Moreover, all malware programs irrespective of its type can consume much of the memory of your system. This can affect the processing speed of your computer.

Unused programs stored in your hard disk

Unused programs stored on the hard disk of your system can consume your system resources. These programs can also deplete your hard disk space and in turn bring down the performance of the system.

Hardware problems

Hardware problems

             Reasons for slow computer

Computer slow problems are also caused due to hardware issues. You may be surprised to know that a computer can become slow due to slow running of the CPU fan. CPU fans are installed for cooling purposes and problems occur when the rotation speed of the computer decreases. This will lead to overheating problems, which in turn cause system slowdown.

How to fix system slowdown problems

  • Keep away malware from your computer. Install a powerful antivirus program in order to protect your system from the attack of malware.
  • Do not log on to suspicious websites.
  • Remove all the unwanted and unused programs from your hard disk.
  • Conduct defragmentation of the hard disk at least once in a month.
  • Replace the CPU fan as soon as you notice problems related to its functioning.

Hope you have benefited from the article. Thanks for reading.

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