How To Restore Deleted Yahoo! Mails


Restoring deleted Yahoo mails

Panicked when you didn’t find that important mail in your Yahoo! Inbox? Having lost your important emails can be disturbing. Wondering what would have caused those messages to disappear inexplicably?  There are chances that you might have accidentally deleted the emails from your Inbox folder or something strange in your Yahoo!Mail has caused the messages to disappear. But you don’t need to be panic as there are ways where you could retrieve those deleted email messages.

How to recover deleted Yahoo emails

 1.    Restoring deleted messages from the Trash folder

You can easily restore the deleted emails if it is still in your Trash folder. But you cannot expect the deleted messages to remain there for any amount of time. Usually the time limit is 30 days within which you can restore the deleted emails.

  • Go to the Trash folder and click on it.
  • The list of deleted emails will be displayed. Search for the particular deleted email and select it.
  • Now click on “Move” button at the top of the window and choose the location folder where you want to restore the message. For example, you can restore the deleted messages to the Inbox folder.
  • You may also drag and drop the deleted messages to any folder.

2.    Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form

If you have deleted the message from the Trash folder or Recycle Bin, you can still retrieve it, as most web-based email services allows the restoration of email folders to an earlier time. However, when you do this, recent messages will be permanently removed. So it’s better to store a backup your mailbox before you attempt this.

  • Login to your Yahoo!Mail account using your ID and password.
  • Choose the mailbox reset time. You need to choose a time before you deleted the messages from the Trash folder.

    Restore the deleted emails

    Recovering mails from the trash folder

  • Backup the recent messages. You may forward those recent messages to another email account of yours.
  • Now open a different browser tab and go to the “Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form”.
  • Fill up the form with correct information as required. Your email address and the alternate email address will be automatically be filled in by Yahoo!Mail itself.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose a problem description.
  • Provide the month, date and time that you have selected as the mailbox reset time.
  • Click Submit” to start the restoration.
  • At the end of restoration process, Yahoo! will send a confirmation message to your alternate email address.

Hope you have now understood the different methods to recover deleted yahoo emails. Try these steps and restore back your important deleted emails.

4 thoughts on “How To Restore Deleted Yahoo! Mails

  1. kazam

    i have deleted a very important email,ca anyone help me to retreive it?this mail is about 2 month old. thanks.


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