Is McAfee Slowing Down Your Computer

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Along with offering powerful protection features, McAfee antivirus application may make cause computer slow down issues also. This happens when the system resources are used up for ensuring active protection from several types of malicious contents that a computer is prone to have. When the McAfee tool starts functioning, a number of activities are initiated in the background, which ensures protection against any kind of malfunction that may trouble your system. However, eventually these operations can reduce the overall speed of your computer. Let us discuss a few of them in order to see how it can cause computer slow down issues.

Automatic Scanning

McAfee enables the automatic scanning operation and it may slow your computer. While you are doing your jobs in the computer, scanning for infections will work in the background, which can cause overloading of the system especially when the memory is limited or you are having a slow processor. However, with sufficient RAM capacity and with a high-speed processor you can very easily mitigate this issue.

Active Protection

Many Antivirus tools have the facility to scan the computer only. On the other hand, McAfee offers protection against various threats. Therefore, this software activates one or more processes to scan or shield your computer. With the more number of processes simultaneously running, the system will become very slow.

Full Scan feature

McAfee also offers the full scanning of hard drive. However individually checking each file on the hard disk for detecting infections is time consuming and it will reduce the speed of your computer. If the hard drive is older, then it will take a very long time. A full scan facility is the most resource intensive task that McAfee can perform causing other applications to run slowly.

ensuring active protection

effectively speed up a slow computer

Automatic updates and multiple programs

If the McAfee software is set up for automatic updates then it will slow your computer or the internet connection. Internet connection will be further slow, if you are using a dial up connection. In addition, if you have multiple security programs installed on the computer, then it will lead to a number of problems. These security modules may not trust each other or they may fight for permissions. Therefore, it is better to install only one antivirus program at a time.

Briefly, you should be very careful while selecting an antivirus tool for your computer. You should select one that is completely compatible with the system. This will ensure security and optimum performance simultaneously.

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