How to Recover a Deleted Yahoo Mail

How to recover deleted mails

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular mail services across the world. They provide a number of services which even includes the recovery of deleted emails. If you haven’t cleared your trash, you can access your deleted mails from the trash and the can recover the mail that you need. But, if you have cleared all your mails from the trash, you need to send a request to Yahoo! A technical support agent of yahoo will restore all your mails that you have deleted in the past 24 hours.

If you want to recover deleted yahoo emails, try these following steps to recover it.


Recovering the mail from trash folder

  • First of all, log into your mail account of Yahoo!
  • Open the trash folder by clicking the Trash tab on the sidebar. After opening the folder, find the mail that you want to recover and check on the box corresponding to that mail.
  • After checking the messages click Move button on the top and bottom of the trash folder. By doing this the message will be automatically moved to the new folder. You can access the message from there for current use or for future reference.

By this method you can recover deleted yahoo emails from your trash folder.

recover mails that are deleted

For recovering emails after clearing the Trash

  • Yahoo! Is providing a page for mail restore help. Navigate to that page of Yahoo! Mail Restore Help Form Web.
  • Give the required information to Yahoo! If you are using classic Yahoo you have to give the time of deleting the mail, then your name and other account information. If you are using the All New Yahoo! Mail, you have to give the name and other information first and then the time.
  • After entering all the details they ask, click submit to send your request to Yahoo. Immediately after submitting the request you will receive a mail from technical support agent of Yahoo!

The messages that are restored are saved in a new folder. So you need to create a new folder on your sidebar. For creating a new folder select the New Folder from the drop down menu and give a suitable folder name for that. Then click OK, then your new messages will be moved to the new folder.

If you follow these simple steps you can easily recover your deleted emails from Yahoo Account.

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