Tips to diagnose the reason for your computer slowing down

Slow Computer

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Does your computer slow down every now and then? Or does it happen only when you surf the internet? These are problems that a lot of the PC users all around the world face. So what exactly is the reason for this odd behavior of your PC?

Well, there will not be just one but a variety of reasons for this behavior of your PC. Some of the most probable causes are listed below

Reasons for a slow computer

If your PC slows down only while browsing the internet, then it is probably due to a bad internet connection. You can solve this issue by contacting your service provider and ask them to fix it. You might have to replace your modem or reset your connection settings.

Now, if that is not the case and if your PC seems to be taking an eternity to carry out even the most simplest of tasks, then it is definitely a problem associated with your PC itself. The first thing that you should do in such a situation is to try and remove all unwanted files and applications from your PC. This can help you a lot to speed up your PC response. Unused or unwanted files use up much needed memory space and by removing such files, you can allocate more memory for essential purposes which will prevent slowing down of your PC.

If, even after this step, your PC remains slow, try defragmenting system which will definitely speed up your PC by reducing the time

Slowing down of computer

disk defragment

required for disk access. Another step to repair a slow computer is to check your system registry for errors. The registry is full of settings of all the programs that you have installed in your computer. If there are errors in this registry, it will definitely slow down the PC response.

Another alternative to speed up your PC is to check the kind of antivirus that you run on your PC. There are a lot of antivirus programs that run in the background and use up a lot of memory space. Make sure that you close them if you do not have serious security threats or in case if you have, see to it that you use the best one around, that does not use too much space while providing real-time security.

Even after all these steps, if your PC continues to be slow, it is always advisable to seek professional help.


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