Steps to speed up a Dolphin emulator

Slow computer

Emulator is a software or hardware program which can be used to duplicate the functions of the main computer in a second computer. So the second computer will have almost the same functions of the main computer. Dolphin is a Wii, Triforce emulator. This emulator is available for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. Dolphin emulator is an application which can be used in a computer so that the user can run the games faster. You can apply this dolphin emulator on a slow computer to get the required results. You can configure the dolphin emulator by following some simple steps as given below.

How to configure your Dolphin emulator?

1)      Open your Dolphin emulator and you can find a tool bar on the top of the screen. You can click on the Config button.

2)      Now you can click on the tab Plugins. Then go to the Graphics section where you will get a drop down menu. You can select Dolphin Direct3D9 from the drop down list.

3)      Then you can go to the Display tab. You can adjust the Windows size on the basis of your needs and requirements. If you wish to play in 720p, then you have the option to change the Windows size to 1280 x 720 and if you wish to play in 1080 p, then adjust the windows size to 1920 x 1080.

4)      Then you can click on the General tab. Then go to the Basic Settings section and check the options Enable Dual Core (speedup) and Enable Idle Skipping (speedup).

5)      Then go to the Advanced Settings section and check the option Enable OpenCL.

6)      In the CPU Emulator Engine section you can select JIT Recompiler.

Dolphin Emulator

7)      Then you can click the option OK to save the settings.

8)      You can find a Graphics button at the top of the window. Then click on the Advanced tab. Again go to Settings section and check the options Enable EFB copy to Texture and Disable Fog.

9)      Then click on OK to save the changes.

Now you have successfully configured the Dolphin emulator. By configuring the Dolphin emulator you can run the games faster even in a slow PC. But in some cases if your CPU is slow and the configuration may not give you the desired results. In such situations the only option available is to upgrade your system.

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