Some Problems With Microsoft Surface Tablet

Surface tablet problems

 Problems with Microsoft Surface

Designed by Microsoft, the Surface is a series of tablets and is available in two versions, one with the Windows 8 Pro and another with Windows RT. The reviews for this tablet have been fixed and there is a lot of hype regarding this tablet, but that does not mean that there are no shortcomings with this tablet by Microsoft. Read on to find out some of the Microsoft Surface tablet problems

No cellular connectivity

Both the surface tablet models are only Wi-Fi devices. Windows 8 has some very nice improvements that will help with metered carrier-based data plans. Wi-Fi is not there everywhere yet and so you will not be able to use this device wherever you want to.

Screen looks really small

A big plus of the Windows tablet is that you can use Outlook and Excel but this is not of much use if Outlook looks like many scroll bars. Its 10” screen would not make using Outlook or Excel all that great.

Limited storage space

The highest storage space available for both the models is only 64 GB. That makes one wonder if it would be enough space for a productive PC. Windows and Office will of course take up space from that 64 GB. The 32 GB version will have much less usable space. This might not be one of the best decisions by the software giant.

No cellular connectivity

      Microsoft Surface tablet problems

Will things be good always?

That the Surface devices will be made by Microsoft itself is a great blow to the OEM hardware makers. The only option to buy the tablets is either through retail stores or online.

This only solves a part of the Windows RT Problem

As compared to the Surface pro, the ARM-based Surface will not run your old applications, will not participate in group policy, will not join a domain and will not have any apps at first. The potential for growth is not that bright as well. To create VPNs, Microsoft Surface will require new software from network connectivity vendors. Add to this the fact that the Surface tablets will be just as expensive as the iPads.

These are some of the Surface tablet problems that you should keep in mind before you decide to buy one. We will have to wait and see how the tablet will perform in the market in the next quarter.

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