What Causes Computer Slow Down?

Why is my computer slow

Why is my computer slow

Why is my computer slow? This is a frequent search phrase  on the internet. The reason for the same is quite obvious. Vast majority of the users are not sure of what causes  their system to become slow. Slow systems can always become an irritation for most of the users. Computer systems can become slow due to many reasons. The majority of the computer slowdowns are caused due to malware attacks. This article will let you know more about the reasons for a slow computer and the ways to fix it.

Why is my computer slow?

Malware attack is one of the most common reasons for the slowdown of your computer. Computer systems that are connected to the internet are prone to the attack of malware programs. Malware programs can also enter your system when you connect infected  external storage devices to your system. Malware programs after entering into your system, consumes much of the system’s memory. This can really affect the speed and performance of your system. Malware programs like virus and Trojans are capable of corrupting or deleting the program files of your system. The program files when deleted cause the system to slow down and it can even lead to system crash.

Slowdown due to unwanted programs and files

Anything that you install on the computer hard disk will consume the system resources. The system resources can be your hard disk or RAM. The unwanted programs installed on the hard disk of your system may lead to computer slow down. The same thing applies to the hard disk too. The processing speed of your system can deteriorate, if you make use of the maximum space on your hard disk drive.

Hardware problems

Fix computer slow problems

                         Fix computer slow problems

The system can also become slow due to malfunctioning of certain hardware components. The decrease in the rotating speed of the fan can lead to overheating problems with the CPU. This can even lead to unexpected shutdowns.

How to deal with a slow system?

  • Since majority of the slow computer issues is caused due to malware attack, keeping away the malicious programs can enhance the speed of your system. Do not log on to suspicious and harmful websites in order to protect your system from malware. Install a powerful antivirus for maximum protection.
  • Delete all the unwanted and unused programs from the hard disk of your system.
  • Do not utilize the maximum space of your hard disk.
  • Replace the CPU fan, if you notice any abnormality connected with its functioning.

Hope you have benefitted from the article. Thanks for reading.

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